First Research Blog

For my research concerning the decade of the 1930s I have chosen to do the faculty/alumni interviews as well as study a portion of the Bullet.  The interviews of alumni and faculty will be difficult because the decade we are researching was so long ago however, the class of 2008 made a very useful blog of online interviews with a member of the class of 1936.  There are also other women who will be available for interviews concerning their time at Mary Washington during the 1930’s.

Ruby Lee Norris will be my main focus with this aspect of the research.  In her interviews she discusses some issues that were pertinent to the time period in which she studied at Mary Washington and she also discusses what it was like to be a woman in a college environment.  Her interviews help give us an idea of what the atmosphere at Mary Washington was like when it was an all girls college and tell us what it was like to live in that era.  Ruby Lee Norris majored in English and became a teacher after graduation, which seems to be a continuation of the feminization of the teaching profession as we learned when we discussed it in class.

The other aspect of my research will be reviewing the Bullet, the school’s student newspaper, which continues to be in existence today.  By studying the Bullet, we will be able to see what student life was like during the 1930’s and understand what the women at Mary Washington felt were the key issues at the school, in the community, and the world in which they lived.  I’m excited to learn more about the history of our school through the eyes of people who witnessed it first hand.

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