Reading Discussion

I thought the article “Girl Reporter Derring-Do” in Modern American Women was very interesting and gave me insight into the world of a young, female reporter named Nellie Bly.  She began her career as a writer at the age of 20 when she wrote a “spirited response to an anti-femnist article in a Pittsburgh newspaper” which captured the attention of the editor who then offered her an article in the paper.  Her most prolific work, however, was her trip around the world in which she put herself in various situations and documented what she witnessed.

I found it interesting that despite this female reporter being an open feminist during the 1880’s, she was able to gain a lot of popularity from her hard work and insight.  She defied everyone’s preconceived notions of what a female journalist might be like and she was able to gain the respect and admiration of the public who seemed more interested in her writings rather than the fact that she was a woman.  Nellie was very passionate about her work so much so that she once pretended that she was demented so that she could enter into an insane asylum and chronicle the research that she during her stay.  This passion for her work is what made her so successful.

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