1950’s Men’s Clothing

I know we talked about the clothes we have to wear for the re-enactment in class today but here is just a little reminder.  Be sure to wear two-toned suits.  That is, either wear a lighter colored pair of pants with a darker jacket or vice versa.  The two different tones suggests that the suit is a less formal attire than is required at a wedding or some over important event.  Also, wear dress shoes (usually brown or black) and a single-colored, dark tie (find a longer, narrower one if possible.)  You can wear a hat if you want, for example, a fedora might be appropriate but men in the 50’s stopped wearing hats as often as men in previous decades did so you definitely don’t have to wear one.  Check out this link if you want to see a visual of what we should be aiming for.


3 Responses to “1950’s Men’s Clothing”

  1. rmont says:

    Pete, your sense of style is unstoppable!!!

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  3. […] — Advice on dress code for 1950s students (General, Men, hair, makeup, accessories), and school […]